2d sci-fi adventure!


Harness the SONIC POWER of the RESONANT BLADE...

Resonant Blade is a sci-fi action-adventure inspired by Hyper Light Drifter and Zelda where you explore, fight, solve puzzles and challenge powerful bosses in the futuristic world of Terra. Fight against the rogue artificial intelligence, the Dark Synths, to save humanity!


Resonant Blade is an action-adventure game with fast-paced combat. Dash, parry, and modulate the sonic energy of your weapon to exploit enemies’ weak points and defeat them. Harness the power of the Triads, powerful combinations of resonances that can bolster Atlas’s defenses and wreak destruction on his enemies. Scan your environment with the help of your trusty Synth sidekick, Otto, to solve puzzles and unlock new areas. Explore the vast sci-fi themed planet of Terra as you search for Sonic Crystals to upgrade the Resonant Blade. Visit Proto Labs and talk with Cid to get updates on the latest Dark Synth activity and construct weapon mods to give you the edge in battle.